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Our Work

Check out some of our past game development projects and any that we're currently working on!

Pogo Rocket

Pogo Rocket is our first game released on Steam. You take control of a pogo-powered rocketship to defend the planet from aliens. Buy now on Steam, or listen to the OST for free here!

Pogo Rocket Logo

Bounding Main

Bounding Main is our new upcoming horror game. You play from the perspective of an employee scheduled for a regular maintenance of an underwater facility, until you realize that you're not alone.

Bounding Main Screenshot

Buzz Off!

Buzz Off! is a free game made for the GMTK Game Jam 2023, where the theme was Role Reversal. As a part of this game jam, we were only allocated 48 hours to finish the game from beginning to end.

In Buzz Off!, you play as a fly avoiding deadly fly swatters and bug spray. While at the same eating crumbs that change the playing field!

Survive waves that get harder and harder, and see how long you can fly before you die!

Buzz Off! Logo
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