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Starground is a top-down automation and roguelite combo. All progression trees are completey independent from each other, so you can play through in a truly flexible way. Spend all your time automating, dungeoning, or maybe a bit of both. There's no right way to play the game, and any path you take will let you win. If you want to play together, invite your friends to work on the same things, or divide and conquer each part of the game.

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Automation is a core pillar of what Starground is. Work your way through a research tree filled with all sorts of unique machines and solutions to your logistical needs. Start humble by mining resources by hand and smelting manually, but soon build up to a formidable factory that can tackle anything you can throw at it.

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If you're not into automation or need to wait for your factory, then venture to other places in the solar system to explore and crawl your way through a variety of dungeons. Battle enemies, avoid obstacles, kill bosses, and reap the rewards of your effort. Take your loot from dungeons and make yourself stronger. Form your entirely unique weapons by utilizing different components found in dungeons. Make a spear, dual-bladed sword, or maybe a gun on a stick. The choice is yours.


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